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We Are The Best in Basement French Drain Installation and Repair

Just like weeping tile drains, French drains are extremely effective for basement drainage and for removing unwanted water from foundations. In simple terms, they are trenches filled with gravel that act as conduits to drive water away from the structure. Usually they are trench excavated, then filled with perforated pipe and stone with minimal topsoil.

Contact Ashworth Drainage for a NO CHARGE ASSESSMENT of your wet basement issues to determine if French Drains are the solution for you!

french drain installation

Hidden Down Spout

Leading French Drain Experts

Ashworth Drainage has been installing French Drains in the London, Ontario area since 1972. Ashworth takes care to deliver to our French drain customers the most effective and affordable solution. We will always look for an easy repair before a replacement and NEVER ask for a deposit!

We have:

  • Placed them outside external walls and foundations to prevent water from remaining in contact with the building.
  • Used them to remove standing water in yards.
  • Installed them inside basements in order to direct water to a sump pit.
  • Hidden downspouts below grade.

Superior Service Guaranteed

It’s a policy of Ashworth Drainage in ALL waterproofing and drainage installations and repairs to backfill every case with recycled 1-inch round stone, top soil and sod.

We treat your property as if it were our own.

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