Outdoor Yard Drainage Solutions Starting at $2500


Standing water can be a big problem for both lawn care and your basement. It’s a frequent headache during the spring and summer after heavy storms. Whether the pool of water is large or small, it can be indicative of a larger drainage problem and cause major issues in your basement and foundation walls.

Whatever the cause or size of seepage, backyard drainage issues need fixing fast! We'll help keep water from entering the basement and collecting close to the foundation of your home. We've got plenty of options to control water flow around your property to make sure it always goes in the ideal direction keeping you warm and dry. Also, by making certain your gutters, downspouts and window wells are functioning correctly we can take extra steps to keep you waterproof. 

Our years of experience let us offer you a variety of solutions to drain pooling water away - such as a French Drain and a Weeping Tile System.

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Yard Drainage Problems

Standing water in your backyard can cause a number of problems and ruin a lot of your property. It can kill the grass, causing roots of the turf to rot if it sits too long. If it’s too close to the foundation, it can seep into the ground and get around your foundation - and we know how many problems that can cause!

Standing water also attracts mosquitos, who need to lay their eggs in water to hatch. If the water sticks around for more than two days, you’re giving a nice breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects that could become a nuisance.

One of the most immediate problems, though, is that a large amount of standing water on your lawn makes it nearly impossible to enjoy your own yard! You and your family cannot play in the yard, you can’t entertain, and because of how long it takes to dry out, it could be a long time after heavy rain before you can effectively use your yard again.


French drains are great for removing unwanted water on your lawn. French drains are trenches filled with gravel that drive water away from the lawn or your foundation. A perforated pipe on top of stone and minimal topsoil can drain the water away, keeping your lawn dry and preventing water from seeping next to the foundation.

The gravel and minimal topsoil are necessary to prevent the drain from clogging with soil over time. Filter fabric can also be beneficial to lay on top of the gravel.

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Placed at the footing level around the house, a weeping tile is a porous pipe system that collects surface and underground water, and takes it to the sump pump, storm sewer, or (in older houses) the sanitary sewer and away from your house. Though it takes its name from when the pipes were made of terracotta tiles, these days, the pipes are usually made of corrugated plastic pipe with “weep holes” or small slits that let water drain into them.

A weeping tile system might be the best solution for your lawn when standing water won’t go away, but it can get clogged too. Ashworth Drainage can offer cost-effective solutions that will be as unobtrusive as possible. Give us a call if you’re battling standing water!

Ashworth Drainage takes care to deliver to our drainage customers the most effective and affordable solution. We will always look for an easy repair before a replacement and NEVER ask for a deposit!