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Is there really no dirt left on my property when you are finished the job?

All excavated earth is hauled away to a recycling facility. We leave no dirt or mess of any kind behind.

What about the mess?

We use plywood boards on your property in order to minimize damage and reduce mess.

Is a deposit required?

No, we never require a deposit.

What type of membrane do you put on the walls?

We apply only a tar foundation coating.

Does Ashworth Drainage offer warranties?

Yes. It's called the Ashworth 20 year standing warranty and we do it because we take pride in our work and we never have complaints from our customers. Our work is done right the first time!

Does Ashworth Drainage offer financing?

Yes. Please contact us if you require financing as we offer them according to the needs, size and budget of each project.

What do I do while I wait for an emergency flooding response?

Protect all your valuables and move everything that isn't secured to higher ground. Try and remove the carpet if you are capable and use towels or disposable porous materials to cover the seepage location. Check on your sump pump and make an initial assessment for broken parts or lines.

Why do I need to get a wet basement repaired?

A wet basement can start a chain reaction of structural, maintenance and cleanliness issues throughout your home. At the very least, mould growth and bacteria culture will thrive in the wet environment posing a threat to your family and all of the organic elements in the structure. Dampness and water damage can eventually spread to other areas of the home or threaten the very structural integrity of the house depending on the build. Don't wait to call us for assistance if your basement is flooded or showing signs of leakage!