Repairing a Wet Basement Without Breaking The Bank

Wet Basement

A wet basement can conjure up images of damaged furniture, ruined flooring, and wading knee-deep through an unexpected torrent of water, but the worst one is what it’ll do to your bank account. For a lot of people, a wet basement usually means an empty savings account or a pile of bills.   That’s not…

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Drainage: Improve Your Property Grade

digging for drainage

It’s easy to forget that homeowners shouldn’t just look at the basement and foundation to explain water damage. Of course, if anything is leaking, that’s a sure sign that something is wrong with them, but the amount of water and damage can depend on not just the foundation, but the drainage of the land that…

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Don’t Spring A Leak This Spring!

Spring leak

Spring is here, which means birds singing, buds growing on trees, and no more snow! While you might rejoice when you look out your window to see the ground no longer covered in the white stuff, snow just doesn’t disappear. It’s going to go somewhere, and it’s usually underground.

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