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Why Choose a Local Waterproofing Contractor?

local waterproofing

  Let’s say you’ve moved to London, Ontario. You’ve memorized the street names and patterns, the selection of local pizza and Chinese food places, and checked how far you are from schools and parks. You’re well on your way to getting to know your neighbors and becoming a member of the community!

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Waterproof Basement? Here Are Five Cool Ways To Use It!


So you’ve done the smart thing and firmly waterproofed your basement. You’ve officially seen the last of leaks, mold, and cracking cement for a long, long time. Now what? Don’t let the hard, technical work go to waste! Make the most of it and turn that amazingly sealed basement into a wonderful entertainment space. You…

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Basement Flooding: The Funny Side

old man pointing at camera smiling

When your basement is flooding, it’s never really all that hilarious. There’s a lot to do, getting rid of all that water, then fixing the problem, and then hoping that not too much damage has been done to your possessions. It’s a lot of work! Of course, after it’s all said and done, it can…

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