Why Choose a Local Waterproofing Contractor?

local waterproofing


Let’s say you’ve moved to London, Ontario. You’ve memorized the street names and patterns, the selection of local pizza and Chinese food places, and checked how far you are from schools and parks. You’re well on your way to getting to know your neighbors and becoming a member of the community!


One rainstorm later and you’re swimming in your new basement. You don’t know anything about the soil, “forgot” to read the local bylaws, and don’t know where all that water will drain. Naturally, there was some information that wasn’t high on your must-know list. That’s what local waterproofing companies are there for!


Geography Is Almost Everything


A local waterproofing contractor will know your environment, and when it comes to drainage, one has to know the lay of the land. Even within communities, terrain can be incredibly different. Soil composition, gradients, and drainage can change in a matter of meters. Knowing the ground intimately is incredibly important for waterproofing contractors, because they have to know what will work, and what steps to take before even starting work.


This knowledge makes everything safer and can guarantee higher quality work. Knowing what’s lying below your lawn means your waterproofing contractor can assess and offer the solution that won’t leave more problems for the future. But their knowledge isn’t just restricted to geography.


Abiding By The (By)Law


local_waterproofing bylawsCities and municipalities all have different bylaws dealing with drainage. These include everything from the roof structure, rainwater collection systems, landscaping, and downpipes. Hiring local means hiring someone who knows how these laws work, what they are there for, and how to do a job that works in accordance with them.


Knowing the local bylaws is incredibly important. How water drains off your property, where it drains, and the ways you can improve it all impact the properties around you. Improper draining during winter can mean dangerous conditions for which you’re responsible. You’ll be happy when you’re neighbors don’t complain and you’re not being slammed with a bylaw infraction, which will mean paying for more work to fix the issue.


Supporting Local Economy


When local businesses do well, the community does well. It’s as simple as that. Going with a company that is not only manned but also owned by local people means you’re entire community will benefit. That money you’re paying won’t go to some large company in another community, but will go to other neighborhood benefits. It will go to improving the roads you drive on, the parks where your kids play, and everything else kept up by local government.local waterproofing


The pluses of hiring a local waterproofing company are many, but they have one common benefit: it simply improves the community. You can form a bond with a company you have easy access to and might need to rely on to keep your home and yard in the best shape possible, and the money circulates back into the community.


When choosing a drainage contractor, go for someone who will know your community. They’re more likely to get to know you.