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Basement Apartments: What You Must Know!

Stylistic Basement Apartment

Basement apartments; a good way for a person to either potentially help pay off their mortgage or help with their bills, or a good ‘starter’ apartment for those who don’t mind living under the ground. While this can turn into a win-win scenario for both parties, it can also turn into a massive, wet mess.…

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So Many Cement Options…

concrete sidewalk

With summertime weather comes an assortment of activities, including family get togethers, pool parties, barbeques; the list goes on. As a homeowner, chances are you’ll wind up hosting a few, however winter may have been exceptionally rough on your cement surfaces. Not to worry, we here at Ashworth Drainage are here to help, and after…

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Buying a House? Check That Basement!

new home, Ashworth

When you’re looking at new, potential homes on the market, there are so many factors that come into play, it can be hard to see all the potential problems that may spring up down the road. An example of something that’s overlooked quite a bit, are signs of a potentially leaky basement, something that could…

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