Local Business – Why we Support London

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  There’s a quality we here at Ashworth Drainage that we value, one we hope is valued by local businesses all over the great city of London and beyond. That quality is the community, and doing what we can to create and sustain it. Helping build this sense of community means supporting local business isn’t…

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Waterproofing A New Home 101

New house

Waterproofing your new home is one of those steps that might not seem as glamorous or important as the other parts in the building of a home, but it’s incredibly necessary. If you want your home to keep its high property value, stay structurally sound, be warm and dry, and be as maintenance-free as possible,…

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Waterproofing An Older Home

Waterproofing an Older Home

  Older homes can make great purchases. They have the charm of another era, and a cozy feel that comes with more traditional building materials and construction. Often times, they are also built more solidly than mass-produced homes, and with the added bonus of being much more unique.

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