Local Business – Why we Support London

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There’s a quality we here at Ashworth Drainage that we value, one we hope is valued by local businesses all over the great city of London and beyond. That quality is the community, and doing what we can to create and sustain it. Helping build this sense of community means supporting local business isn’t just the logical thing to do – it’s the right thing to do.

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There are numerous reasons why supporting local business is good for the people of London. Local support helps create a unique character that makes our city a special place in which to work and live. Local jobs create better wages and benefits and are much less harmful to our infrastructure. You get a wider variety of goods and services with a thriving local economy, and the only way it can thrive is by supporting it!


We should just admit that there are some ulterior motives for staying local. We want the local economy to do well and work for everyone, including ourselves. If we help improve the local economy by working with other London businesses, then we benefit, too. The more money that stays in London means more business for everyone in London!

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But there are so many other great reasons to do so. It’s a common experience that when you’re a regular at a place, be it a restaurant, a hardware store, etc., you just get better service. Once you come to know the face behind the products and services, know what they can do for you, and know what they need from you in return, the community expands. Getting to know local small business owners and the people they employ means loyalty, better customer service, and a wider social sphere that can help when you need it.


So local support is not just giving business to people you know, though that’s as solid a reason as any. A greater sense of community shared by everyone means building something special, something unique, that won’t be found elsewhere.


If you do build that relationship, it becomes more than just a transaction. It’s helping out a friend instead of a large, faceless corporation that doesn’t know you and doesn’t need to know you on a personal basis. It’s giving business to a colleague instead of a multinational conglomerate whose owner you’ll never be able to talk to person-to-person. It becomes guarantees not because of payments and contracts, but because you and the owner are from the same neighborhood, and want to do right by each other because that’s what neighbor’s do.

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We’re a family owned and operated business. We know the value of strong ties. Every small business relies on their community for work and resources. Giving back to them is the least we can do.