Property Upgrades Great for Staying or Selling

Property Upgrades Caulking applied

Sometimes, all you need is a little change. Whether you want to move to new surroundings or perk up your current one, property upgrades can breathe new life (and new value) into your home.


If you’re thinking of selling, or are just in need of a change of scenery, here are some ideas to take on when upgrading your property!

Exterior Upgradeswindow trim


Make coming home exciting again by taking care of the exterior. These upgrades and fixes can be quite cost effective, and can add a fresh look to a home when it’s starting to get a bit boring.


It’s not just a new coat of paint or siding, either. New lighting, charming trim designs around the windows, a pediment over your front door, new column work on porches – or even adding a porch! Add some character by using a material like stone for the base or columns. These are ideas that can complement any home design, and you can change so much about the character of your home.


Basement Waterproofing


Making sure your foundation and basement are safe and dry is smart thinking, and not just because you can up the resell value. Ensuring you have a foundation free of cracks, leaks, and moisture can ensure you don’t have a larger problem in the future.


Have an assessment made – summer’s always a great time! – and make sure that your foundation is protected. If it’s leak and crack-free but still in vulnerable, take some time to consult with us about what you have in place, and what you can do moving forward. Adequate tile drainage, round stone treatment around the foundation, and proper drainage around window wells can be life savers down the road, and can ensure you can put the best house possible on the market.


Environmentally Friendly Upgradessolar panel upgrades


From big alterations to little changes here and there, there is so much you can do to make your house as green as possible. Going with up-to-date appliances, geothermal heating, new windows, and even solar panels are large alterations that can change the way your house runs; programmable thermostats, new caulking, and even making your landscape shadier are smaller, doable ways to green up your home


A green home is an energy efficient one, and a big selling point is how much you and future buyers will save on bills going forward. Like with your basement and foundation, summer is a great time to take these projects!




If your house is looking great but it still needs that extra little something, why not take care of the landscaping? Properly cut grass, a well-tended garden, and healthy trees are just a start. Take on big projects that alter the look of your property, by adding useful elements that look great. Real stone walkways can create a delightful, attractive pathways that draw people and their eyes to your home! Plus, concrete elements like walkways and patios are great for drainage – just make sure they’re done properly!


In making these changes, whether they’re big or small, you’re making your home a more welcoming place, either for yourself or for a new family who wants to call it home. So this summer, do a little walk-through and make a note of what looks tired, worn, or even broken. You could start seeing your home in a whole new way!