What’s so French about drains?

French Drains

One would assume that drains have nothing to do with French culture; they do not possess a reputation for being high class or fancy but French drains actually solve a serious drainage problem. French drains can transform your lawn from having an ugly mini pond in the middle of it after a rainstorm, to having an elegant underground waterway and a perfect looking lawn. They can prevent water from pooling in low points on your property while channeling water into places of your desire such as storm drains, rain barrels or gardens.  They can help protect your homes foundation from damaging surface or ground water, preventing water from being in constant contact with your homes foundation. The image on the right shows a French drain made to funnel water away from its foundation, preventing foundational water damage.  French drains help extend the life of foundations and can add value to your home.

frenchdrain2They provide a method for managing water on a ground level. A French drain is essentially a small trench filled with gravel or rock. They contain a perforated hollow pipe set within the trench at a consistent downward angle. They quickly collect and send water on its way to your desired location.  You can control the filtering of water that reaches a French drain using different materials. You can fill the trench with sand first and then gravel to control the rate of water flow into the drain.

A French drain can be dug into the basement floor, backfilled and forgotten about.  This will help direct water to your sump pump.

French drain technology has come a long way since its origins. New materials and modern professional installations such as those done by Ashworth Drainage, typically last a long time and are high quality. Different materials provide solutions to unique drainage problems your home or yard are facing. Having high-grade materials and professional advice is worth considering when installing a French drainage system. It can help you save money while solving the unique drainage problems you face. Be sure to call Ashworth Drainage, London’s leading French drain expert for a professional assessment of your property’s foundation and drainage needs.