Friday the 13th Again?!

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Do you ever feel like things are not working in your favor at home? Breaking pipes, flooding basements, bad neighbors or horrible yard drainage? Maybe it has to do with the bad omens known to surround Friday the 13th. Here are some common homeowner superstitions to avoid this Friday the 13th:

House warming gift superstitions

  1. Never accept a knife as a house-warming gift. Doing so is a sure fire way to not get along with your neighbors. Receiving a lovely set of knives might be nice but this superstition is thought to “cut” your friendships in half. You can avoid this by giving money to the giver of the knives!
  2. Money holders. Do not accept this gift unless it has money in it. If you accept an empty money holder you risk blessing your new home with bad luck!superstitions, wet basement
  1. Plants are thought to bring new life into your new home. Accept gifted plants with a smile. They will surely bring you good luck!


Moving in

  1. Always make sure to buy a new broom when moving into a new house. Old brooms are thought to bring your old problems into your new home. New brooms are thought to sweep away your old homes bad karma.
  2. Avoid walking under ladders when moving in. This will surely cause something to go wrong in your home within the next few months. If you mistakenly do walk under a ladder, be sure to make the sign of the fig, making a fist, stick your thumb in-between your pointer and middle finger.
  3. Hang an empty hornets nest in your house while moving in. No matter how weird and creepy you may discover your new home to be, this will rid the home of its horrific past.


Strange superstitions from around the world

  1. Did you know yoyo’s are banned across the entire country? It is thought that playing with yoyo’s will bring on a drought by the people of Syria.
  2. Death by fan in South Korea: In South Korea, it is thought that falling asleep in a room with a fan on will kill you. Even doctors in South Korea will warn their patients about the disastrous effects of falling asleep with a running fan in the room. Be careful and turn your fan off! You do not want to mess with those deadly fan blades!
  3. Zombie gum: In Turkey, there is this strange belief that chewing gum after the sun has set will slowly begin rotting your flesh.


Although these superstitions from around the world are strange, the power of belief is strong. Now that you are aware of these superstitions, be careful to avoid them! If your superstitions do create drainage or flooding issues be sure to call us!  wet basement, Ashworth