Why You Should Leave Us a Google Review!

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Feedback is so important to us. It’s how we know how we can improve our services, hear from our customers, and feel good about what we do for a living. That’s why we love getting online reviews!


It’s such a small thing to customers that they forget it or think it’s unimportant. On the contrary – Google Reviews are really important to small businesses! Here’s why!


The World of GoogleAsk Jeeves old competitor of Google


The Internet is now pretty much controlled by Google (consider the last time you used AOL keywords or poor Jeeves), and this gatekeeping means it’s often the first step between you, the consumer, and us. Google us and you’ll see our hours of operation, phone number, address, and reviews of our service.


While the first three are important to you (and us too, as we’d love to speak to you!), the last one means business.  It’s often not just a factor people consider when choosing a company – it can be the factor.


The Internet and How We Readstars


The Internet has totally changed how we ingest information. It’s great for research, sure, but it’s also overwhelmed us, to the point where we just skim articles, headlines, and other information sources. We’ve changed our habits, so we need the first, best source and go with it. This is why reviews are so important: seeing a 4.5 or 5 star rating can create a great first impression, and people will be positive about calling that business.


Enter a type of business into Google; try “coffee shop London Ontario” or something like it. A map comes up with the locations, but it also has a listing beneath. Beside each listing is a star rating, making the crowd’s ranking one of the first pieces of information you see. It works, too: a 2014 study showed 88% of consumers “trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” When it’s the first and often best info you’ve got on hand, it’s no surprise!


Search Engine Returns


Because Google is king, customer reviews also make us more visible. The quality and quantity are important for search engine optimization and where we’ll rank. It makes our web presence more trustworthy, thus making our business more trustworthy to Google’s algorithms. It also provides us with original, unique content we can both use for testimonials and for our site.


We won’t beg for a positive review; we’ll make sure our work earns it. So if you were satisfied with our services and would like to express that, a Google Review would be a great way to do it!