Waterproofing High-Risk Homes

July 28, 2017
Waterproofing House on the lake flooding basement flooding yard

Waterproofing can be easy when you’re in a great area. In a place with the right soil, the right gradient, and the right landscaping, waterproofing can be a breeze, because you don’t need more than the basics!

But not everyone lives in a home in an optimal area. (more…)

Why You Should Leave Us a Google Review!

July 21, 2017
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Feedback is so important to us. It’s how we know how we can improve our services, hear from our customers, and feel good about what we do for a living. That’s why we love getting online reviews!


It’s such a small thing to customers that they forget it or think it’s unimportant. On the contrary – Google Reviews are really important to small businesses! Here’s why!



Top Five Reasons a Flooded Yard is Cool

June 30, 2017

After a heavy rain, sometimes you’ll look out and see a fresh, slightly flooded yard. The crisp air, the dreamy puddles, the renewed greenery – it can all look amazing, like your own private Garden of Eden.


Or not. It could also turn into a sodden, marshy mess. If your yard doesn’t drain properly, all that standing water can really sour you on any rain coming through your area. But hey, why let it get you down? Here are five reasons you should look on the bright side and see those swamped bits of lawn as a blessing!



Property Upgrades Great for Staying or Selling

June 23, 2017
Property Upgrades Caulking applied

Sometimes, all you need is a little change. Whether you want to move to new surroundings or perk up your current one, property upgrades can breathe new life (and new value) into your home.


If you’re thinking of selling, or are just in need of a change of scenery, here are some ideas to take on when upgrading your property!

Wet Basements and Summer: What’s Causing That Moisture?

June 16, 2017
Wet Summer

Spring has come and gone, and you might say a little prayer of thanks for getting through another very wet season. There’s no more melting snow or April showers, and that’s great! Just don’t sit back and wait for another winter to roll through – you can still run into problems this summer.



Can Animals Cause Bad Drainage?

June 1, 2017
tiny animals

You might think you’ve thought of it all. You’ve got great drainage around the foundation, your pipes are far enough away from the house, and your sump pump is working as well as it possibly could! You are prepared for anything! Except… ANIMALS!


Now there’s a strange sound in your basement. A scritch scritch. It sounds almost like… digging.



What is a Weeping Tile System?

May 31, 2017
Weeping Tile Replacement

Weeping tile systems are the unsung heroes of the strong foundations. Ask any layperson on the street about them, and that person will either walk by you as fast as possible, or give an ad-libbed answer about the last time they cried. It’s a real shame, because weeping tile systems are a very important part of keeping your basement dry!


So let’s break it down for the common person. Get to know your foundation and what keeps it dry – you’re probably going to rely on it in the future!



The Beauty and Benefits of Concrete

May 17, 2017
concrete flowers

Concrete is coming back in style, and frankly, it’s a great thing! Don’t get us wrong, wood decks and yard implements look beautiful too, but concrete… well, it’s another word for solid for a reason!


Concrete is a foundation material for homes, commercial buildings, and roadways, but it can just as easily be the foundation for your outdoor landscape plan, too! It’s often forgotten in favour of plants, lawns, and nice wooden architecture, but it can be a very beautiful addition to any landscaping. Plus, it’s a very resilient material.



Pool Precautions and Basement Drainage

May 11, 2017

With spring here, that means summer is right around the corner, and the warmer weather that comes with the changing of the seasons means your pool is almost ready to be used! Before getting everything ready, though, make sure you’re aware of how that gigantic mass of water in your backyard can affect your foundation and basement.



Repairing a Wet Basement Without Breaking The Bank

April 27, 2017
Wet Basement

A wet basement can conjure up images of damaged furniture, ruined flooring, and wading knee-deep through an unexpected torrent of water, but the worst one is what it’ll do to your bank account. For a lot of people, a wet basement usually means an empty savings account or a pile of bills.


That’s not always the case! Wet basement issues don’t always require expensive solutions, and many times the resources to solve or prevent leaks are within your budgetary grasp. 



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