Protecting Your Home From Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter
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Many of us get so caught up in the holiday season that we have the tendency to forget to prepare our homes for the arrival and departure of Old Man Winter. The last thing anyone wants is water damage in their homes from the Spring thaw.

During the time between March and April, the temperature outside can drastically warm up, causing a potential rapid thaw of the snow around your property.


Once the snow begins to melt the water will start running. If you have any large snow banks near or surrounding the foundation of your home, your property may be at risk for seasonal flooding. Some people feel that their home is not at risk for flooding until it is too late.

The melting snow will make its way into homes through small cracks in the building foundation, poor grading, uncleaned or over flowing eavestroughs, as well as city sewers that become backed up from debris. The melting snow is also able to make its way into your basement through the seams of any windows that are at ground level.

It is possible to prevent any unwanted water from entering your home by fixing all the small defects inside and outside of your property before the Spring thaw.

There are a few ways you can still prevent and protect your property from seasonal flooding.Spring Thaw

Outside Your Home

Be sure to seal up any cracks and fix any damage that may be present in the foundation of your home. Seal up all window seams  around your basement with a proper weather resistant compound.

Once most of the leaves have fallen from the trees surrounding your property be sure to clean out all eavestroughs and downspouts of any debris. Doing so will allow for proper drainage of any water from the melting snow.Eavestroughs

Be sure to observe the grading around your property making sure that it slopes away from the foundation. Doing so will ensure that any melting snow will run away from the foundation of your home.

If you have a green thumb you can try to plant some shrubs and bushes in the area around your home. By doing so the plants will absorb the melting snow into their roots, instead of the homes foundation and into the basement.

Other ways to protect your home and property from thawing snow and ice, would be to ensure the inside of your home is ready as well.

Inside Your Home

One main factor to consider would be to know and understand your homes interior, plumbing system and how it functions. And to be aware that they are all in good working order. Make sure all visible piping is free of any damage

Checking the interior of your basement foundation for any cracks as well as proper sump pump maintenance will both lessen the likelihood of a wet basement.

By keeping these points in mind, your home has the potential to be free of any water damage that may happen during the early spring months.