The Best Way To Pump Standing Water From Your Yard

pump standing water yard

Standing water in your yard is a sign of poor drainage, but before you can correct the problem, you need to get that water out of there. You should try to pump any standing water as soon as possible, because leaving it will ruin your lawn, attract mosquitoes, and even affect your foundation if the pool is close enough to your home.

Don’t worry, trying to pump standing water away from your yard isn’t hard, and it doesn’t even require an expensive pump or electricity. You just need to start with a hose!

Pump Standing Water Away From Your Yard With A Hose

standing waterGetting rid of excess water is all a matter of simple physics. First, locate a good spot to deposit the water, such as a storm drain or nearby ditch; just make sure it’s far away from you and your neighbours. Gather your hose into a loose coil and drop one end into the standing water. Take a large step towards your drainage spot and submerge the rest of the coiled hose completely in the standing water. Hold it under the water until you don’t see bubbles coming to the surface from either end When the bubbles are done, the hose is full, and it now has the powerful suction needed to release and drain the water.

Create a good seal by covering the end of the hose you didn’t submerge first tightly with your hand. Hold this hose end low to the ground and drag it toward the drainage spot, while making sure that the end of the hose in the water remains underwater. Lower the sealed end of the hose as close to the drainage spot as you can and remove your hand to release the seal. Water will start pouring out, and this will continue until the submerged end of the hose is no longer under water.

If there are more spots that need drainage, keep using this suction technique until as much water is drained away as possible. If you’re having trouble with this method, an inexpensive tool called the shaker siphon will help you out.

Getting Rid Of The Rest With A Shaker Siphon

The shaker siphon is a great non-electrical way of pumping water out of the yard is with your hose. The shaker siphon contains a valve that allows water to flow through in one direction, allowing the hose to keep its suction.

It’s easy to use, too! Take your hose and insert the small end of a shaker siphon hose into a garden hose adaptor. Place the loose end of the garden hose in the area where diy flooding prevention french drainsyou want the water to drain, and insert the metal end of the shaker siphon into the standing water you want to drain away. Hold the siphon under water level and vigorously shake it up and down; you should see water flowing through the clear hose of the siphon, into the garden hose and out to your drainage area.

Shaker siphons can be purchased at any home and garden store, and it makes the job of transferring water to a safer location easy. It also means the job of pumping standing water can be done without the need of electricity and extension cords, and there’s no pump that requires supervision.

You can continue using the hose and shaker siphon method throughout the spring and summer, but the best way to deal with standing water is to eliminate the conditions that allow the formation of standing water in the first place. Have a drainage specialist come by and see what solutions are available to you.