Top Five Reasons a Flooded Yard is Cool


After a heavy rain, sometimes you’ll look out and see a fresh, slightly flooded yard. The crisp air, the dreamy puddles, the renewed greenery – it can all look amazing, like your own private Garden of Eden.


Or not. It could also turn into a sodden, marshy mess. If your yard doesn’t drain properly, all that standing water can really sour you on any rain coming through your area. But hey, why let it get you down? Here are five reasons you should look on the bright side and see those swamped bits of lawn as a blessing!


1. It adds some excitement to backyard sportsFootball


Backyard sports aren’t fun unless they’re messy, and all that water can make soccer or football a delightful experience!


So put on some old jeans and a sweater, grab the pigskin, and get started on a splashy Backyard Bowl. You won’t need a waterboy, that’s for sure!


Flooded Yard2. Makes for fun jumping


C’mon, admit it: those little lawn lakes look like they need to be jumped into. Remember, when you were a kid, and no puddle was left undisturbed? That standing water isn’t going anywhere for some time – may as well hop in!


Just, ah, make sure you know how deep it’s going to be.


3. You own, however briefly, a private lake on your very own property.


Here’s a fun fact: lakefront property is big business. Always was, always will be. People love living next to big bodies of water, and pay a lot of money to do so. But what if… that water came to you?


The next time a hard rain has come and gone, move the Muskoka chairs to the lawn, pop open a cold one, and enjoy your own personal lake thanks to your flooded yard. Hey, summer isn’t here forever, and you’re not made of money! Take advantage of the waterfront while you’ve got it.

4. A Flooded Yard provides a handy moat to prevent invaders.Castle with Moat


Have you ever looked over the fence and thought, “Hey, when did my neighbour start amassing a small army?” They’ve got armor, swords, horses – the whole package, really. Now, we know taking over property by medieval invasion isn’t strictly legal, but you still have to defend yourself, right?


Thank goodness you have a lawn that floods! It’ll prevent them from making it into your home, keeping you and your family safe from anyone who dares try and invade your land! If they start building siege equipment, though, think about a nice tall wall.


5. They’re perfect for breaking in new rubber boots.


If you have a pair of boots that chafe your ankles and heels, leave your feet feeling sore, or are just out of the box, why not put ‘em on and walk in all that water? Your feet will thank you later!


Hey, if water’s just going to sit on your flooded yard, you’ve got to make the most of it. Or you could give us a call. Standing water on your lawn means improper drainage, which could lead to immediate or long-term problems. We’ll help you figure out a solution to the problem, and ensure your whole property is kept nice a dry!