What is a Weeping Tile System?

Weeping Tile Replacement

Weeping tile systems are the unsung heroes of the strong foundations. Ask any layperson on the street about them, and that person will either walk by you as fast as possible, or give an ad-libbed answer about the last time they cried. It’s a real shame, because weeping tile systems are a very important part of keeping your basement dry!


So let’s break it down for the common person. Get to know your foundation and what keeps it dry – you’re probably going to rely on it in the future!


Why are They Called “Weeping Tiles”?weeping tile black plastic pipe


Weeping tile systems go by a number of different names – you might hear them described as “drainage tile” or “drain tile” systems – but in reality, they aren’t “tiles” at all. The system is actually made of a porous pipe! The “tile” is a holdover from an era when the systems were made from terracotta tiles; these days, the pipes are made from plastic.


These porous pipes are integral to draining water away from your home’s foundation. They act as extra protection, to keep water from sitting next to the foundation.


Why Are Weeping Tile Systems So Important?


Well, without them, your foundation would be sitting in water! Weeping tile systems are laid right at the foundation of your home, just at the floor level of your basement, and buried by aggregate rock larger than the pores in the pipe. This rock prevents an excessive amount of soil from getting into the pipe and clogging it up.


These systems only have one purpose: removing excess water. While you’ll probably only need them around your foundation, they can do wonders for waterlogged soil; farmers even use them to keep their fields from drowning!


The water leaches through the soil into the pipe, where it drains into a non-porous pipe that usually connects to a sump pump. The sump pump then sends the water out away from your basement. Of course, you should be wary of where this water is going, but if you had it professionally installed and have no complaints from neighbours, you’re probably in the clear.


leaky lockDon’t Always Blame The Weeping Tiles


Not all leaks are caused by clogged or non-existent weeping tile systems, though, so if you’re basement is leaking, don’t jump to that conclusion. Replacing it is an intrusive, expensive procedure, and will only be done after expert diagnosis. You’re more likely to experience leaks via a cracked and broken foundation wall. Know the signs, and get several assessments! If a company is selling you a weeping tile fix right away, get a second opinion.


Fortunately, we make it our mission to find you the correct, most cost-effective solution. If you’ve got a leaky basement, give us a call!