What Does A Sump Pump Do?

Sump pump


The layperson probably doesn’t know the names of every piece of plumbing technology that keeps their home functional and dry. One of these pieces is a sump pump, and if your house doesn’t have one, its absence will be noticed as soon as flood season comes around.

This lifesaver drains away the water pooling beneath your house before it can cause significant damage to your property, but it goes largely unseen. How does this miracle of plumbing work, exactly? Read on to find out.

When Does a Sump Pump Come in Handy?


Sump pumpDepending on where you live, you may be all too familiar with flood season. The lowest levels of houses, basements in particular, are at risk of flooding due to heavy rains, rapidly thawing snow, and proximity to swelling bodies of water. The resulting water damage can then start a chain reaction of issues that can bring your home to its knees.

This is where your sump pump comes in. “Sump” refers to the area the water gets transported to, a specially dug-out basin that moves water far enough away from your home that it cannot harm its infrastructure. These pumps are designed to move water out of sight and out of mind when its built-in sensor detects water levels that are higher than usual – but before it becomes a flood-level problem.


How Can I Get a Sump Pump?


sump pumpSump pumps are an excellent investment because they preserve the foundation of your home, prevent health problems like mildew, and increase the value of your property.

But you can’t run out and get the first sump pump you see! You will need to make sure your purchase fits the dimensions and requirements of your property. Ashworth can assess the dimensions of your home and recommend the best model of sump pump for your circumstances.

If you’re interested in DIY, here are some tips for installing your pump:

  • Make sure the sump is a suitable distance away.
  • Keep the exit pipe clear of debris so water can flow away from your property without concern.
  • DIY waterproofing is risky. Fill in every crack, use the correct sealant, and keep your workspace tidy.

Valuable technology is sitting under your property, technology that keeps your entire home safe from natural disaster. With no-charge assessments, tight backfilling, and a 20-year standing warranty, Ashworth Drainage can happily support you in the installation and upkeep of your drainage solution.