What You MUST Know About Ashworth Drainage

November 11, 2016
Ashworth Drainage

Drainage and waterproofing are absolutely essential to the safety of your home and property. Getting to know your local drainage heroes is essential, too, so you know that you can trust them to do good work. With that, here are some essential facts about us, Ashworth Drainage, so you know what you can expect when you need solutions to your water problems. (more…)

Top Five Horror Movies That Wouldn’t Be Scary If They Had A Good Drainage Contractor

October 26, 2016

Some of the scariest movies of all time include basements in which some sort of evil being scares an unsuspecting victim. What scares us most about these basements is not the demon or ghost lurking around, but the potential for foundation leaks and damage due to poor drainage. We can’t help but cringe at people sloshing about in dark cellars, the sound of dripping water, and crumbling foundations. If the homeowners in these five movies had called Ashworth Drainage instead of letting their basements get worse, they would have been way less scary! (more…)

Local Business – Why we Support London

October 20, 2016
small business cute
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There’s a quality we here at Ashworth Drainage that we value, one we hope is valued by local businesses all over the great city of London and beyond. That quality is the community, and doing what we can to create and sustain it. Helping build this sense of community means supporting local business isn’t just the logical thing to do – it’s the right thing to do. (more…)

Waterproofing A New Home 101

October 14, 2016
New house

Waterproofing your new home is one of those steps that might not seem as glamorous or important as the other parts in the building of a home, but it’s incredibly necessary. If you want your home to keep its high property value, stay structurally sound, be warm and dry, and be as maintenance-free as possible, you’re going to want to do the best job you can to waterproof it.

New home quote

This also means it’ll cost you a pretty penny, as it’s not simple to do a comprehensive waterproofing. But the proven solutions are the ones that take into account the entirety of your living space, not just ones designed to keep moisture out of the basement. Drainage, landscape, and the foundation of your home are all important to consider in making sure you have minimal, if any, headaches in the future. (more…)

Waterproofing An Older Home

October 6, 2016
Waterproofing an Older Home


Older homes can make great purchases. They have the charm of another era, and a cozy feel that comes with more traditional building materials and construction. Often times, they are also built more solidly than mass-produced homes, and with the added bonus of being much more unique. (more…)

Protecting Your Home From Old Man Winter

September 23, 2016
Old Man Winter
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Many of us get so caught up in the holiday season that we have the tendency to forget to prepare our homes for the arrival and departure of Old Man Winter. The last thing anyone wants is water damage in their homes from the Spring thaw.

During the time between March and April, the temperature outside can drastically warm up, causing a potential rapid thaw of the snow around your property. (more…)

Sump Pump Shopping 101

September 14, 2016
Flooded basement

When it comes to your home, quality investments are critical to saving money long term. Your home is your sanctuary, your recluse; the place where you let your hair down and spend time with your loved ones, or simply unwind from a long, hard day. It’s when corners are cut that your home becomes a headache (barring unforeseen events and natural disasters). One such corner that tends to be cut, is a failsafe that not too many people really notice unless it fails: their sump pump. Be it from heavy rains, a sewage backup, or a waterline leaking; your basement is at risk of flooding, and even though you may have taken precautions to minimize that risk, a reliable failsafe is always recommended. This is where sump pumps come into play; little machines that pump excess water that would normally pool in your basement, safely outside and away from your home. Sump pumps, however, are not built equally; as there are a couple of different types of pumps, all varying in material used. So how do you choose a quality sump pump? Continue reading and we’ll reveal the world of sump pumps to you. (more…)

Basement Window Well Issues?

August 19, 2016
Flooded window well rocks window flooding flooded basement

One of two things are currently on your plate right now, you’re either looking at installing windows into your basement and need to add some window wells, or you’re looking to replace a couple of currently existing window wells; either way there’s a couple of things you’ll need to consider before you pick up a shovel and attempt it yourself. If you’re not sure just what a window well is, it’s okay, we’ll help out there too! (more…)

Contractor Nightmares?

August 12, 2016
contractor nightmare Creepy stalker guy

After noticing that your basement is damp, or has a nasty tendency of leaking every time you get a decent rain, you’ve made the decision of getting your basement waterproofed. A quick Google search brings up a multitude of different companies, but one in particular catches your eye. They’re highly rated, and their site is professional looking, with some amazing reviews to back them up. With this in mind, coupled with their reasonable pricing, you decide to take a chance on them. What happens next, isn’t what you expected. Instead of the friendly, professional service you had read about, you’re confronted with a contractor nightmare. Their machinery rolls across not just your yard, but your garden as well, the truck meant to carry away the dirt and debris following it. No barriers, nothing to protect your lawn or your neighbors lawns from being torn up. (more…)

My Basement Flooded, Now What?

August 8, 2016
vacuuming water from the ground flooded basement
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With all the rain we’ve been getting lately, it’s a high possibility that you’ve been afflicted with one of the homeowner’s worst nightmares: a flooded basement. Don’t panic, we’re going to cover the bases on what needs to be done in this blog, and help you where we can! If your basement hasn’t flooded, it doesn’t hurt to read over this blog to prepare yourself just in case it does happen; it’s better to be prepared and ready to take action as opposed to panicking after all! Before we get too far into the cleanup process, however, we strongly recommend that you call your insurance company right off the bat. There are things they may be able to assist with, and they also need to be kept in the loop about any potential property damage. Let them know what’s happened and the steps you want to take, as that could affect your policy. (more…)

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